University of Utah
College of Social Work Addition

WHW Engineering, Inc. worked as the consulting mechanical engineer to ajc architects for the design of the new 15,000 sf addition to the existing college of social work building. The new addition houses offices, training rooms, and observation rooms. The HVAC loads were calculated for the 15,000 sf addition, and it was determined that the existing cooling system did not have capacity, but the existing heating system did.  Heating water was extended to the new addition, and a new dedicated chiller and air handler were provided for the new addition.  Although the new air handling system was designed to be dedicated to the new addition, it also needed to be designed to accommodate the pressure differences at the breezeway between the new and old buildings.  The existing building had some real pressure control problems, so some modifications were made to the existing system, in addition to controls programming at the new system.

The College of Social Work Addition was awarded the Intermountain Contractor Best Public Project Under $5 Million Award.

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