HVAC and VAV System Upgrade

The first project involved replacing all of the VAV boxes, as well as addressing temperature control problems by re-zoning. The entire existing pneumatic controls system was replaced with a new DDC control system, and integrated with the DDC system of an adjacent building. After replacing and re-piping all of the VAV boxes, WHW performed the design for the replacement of the central boiler, heating water piping, and air handling units.

The DNR project was designed so that construction could be s performed in phases while the majority of the building remained occupied. The building was divided into 4 phases on 3 floors for 12 total phases. WHW Engineering worked closely with the users and the contractor to develop, monitor, and maintain the phasing plan throughout each project. The project was an HVAC remodel of an existing building that had to account for existing conditions, and a fully occupied building.

Select Project Experience List

Department of Natural Resources / State Parks

  • Division of Natural Resources North Temple Office Building HVAC Renovation
  • Division of Natural Resources North Temple Office Building Oil, Gas, and Mining Office Renovation
  • Division of Natural Resources North Temple Office Building Culinary Piping Renovation
  • Wasatch State Park Visitors Center Remodel
  • Antelope Island Visitors Center HVAC Renovation
  • Division of Natural Resources Paleontology Lab Ventilation System
  • State Fair Parks Grand Building Boiler Replacement
  • Snow Canyon State Park New Maintenance Building
  • Jordanelle State Park HVAC Controls Upgrade
  • Freemont Indian State Park Center HVAC Renovation
  • Department of Agriculture Office Addition
  • Lee’s Ferry Restroom Building
  • Sand Hollow State Park Restroom Building

Department of Environmental Quality

  • Department of Environmental Quality Building #1 HVAC Renovation
  • Department of Environmental Quality Building #2 HVAC Renovation
  • Department of Environmental Quality Building #2 Roof-top and Boiler Replacement

Utah State Courts

  • Farmington Courts County Side HVAC Addition
  • Provo Juvenile Courts HVAC Replacement
  • Brigham City Courts Building Hot Water and HVAC System Balance
  • West Valley Courts RTU Upgrade
  • Ogden Court House Building Cooling Tower Replacement
  • Farmington Courts Air Balance and Pump Replacement
  • Ogden Courts Sewage Ejector
  • Ogden Juvenile Courts Chiller System Replacement
  • Richfield Courthouse Chiller and Pumps Replacement
  • Richfield Courthouse Boiler Replacement
  • Cedar City Hall of Justice HVAC Replacement
  • Provo Courts Controls Upgrade
  • Orem State Courts HVAC Upgrade

Utah Department of Health

  • Utah Medical Examiners HVAC and Ventilation System Upgrade
  • Utah Medical Examiners HVAC and Ventilation Study and Report
  • Cannon Health Building Computer Room Cooling System Replacement
  • Cannon Health Building Office and Break Room Remodel

Utah Department of Corrections

  • UDOC Timpanogas Facility Boiler Upgrades
  • Central Utah Correctional Facility Multiple Control Rooms HVAC Upgrade
  • Central Utah Correctional Facility Plant Maintenance Air Handler HVAC Upgrade
  • Central Utah Correctional Facility Heat Exchangers Upgrade
  • UDOC Draper Administration Maintenance Building Radiant Heat Addition
  • UDOC Draper Administration Building Boiler Replacement
  • UDOC Draper Vocational Training Center
  • Central Utah Correctional Facility Water Treatment System
  • Freemont Community Correctional Center Roof-top HVAC Upgrade
  • Cedar City Juvenile Hall HVAC Renovation
  • Ogden Correctional Facility Controls Upgrade
  • Orange Street Correctional Center HVAC Upgrades

Utah Department of Human Services

  • Utah State Developmental Center Comp Therapy Building HVAC Upgrade
  • Utah State Hospital Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger Replacement
  • Utah State Developmental Center New Central Boiler Plant
  • Utah State Developmental Center Campus HVAC Controls
  • Cedar City Division of Human Services Building HVAC System Upgrade
  • Utah State Developmental Center Evergreen Building Chiller Replacement
  • Utah State Developmental Center Central Chiller Plant Renovation
  • Utah State Developmental Center Main Kitchen Renovation

Utah Department of Workforce Services

  • Ogden Workforce Service Exhaust Fan Replacement
  • Midvale Workforce Services Roof-top HVAC Units Replacement
  • Salt Lake City Workforce Services Boiler System Replacement
  • Cedar City Workforce Services Boiler Replacement
  • St. George Workforce Services HVAC Renovation
  • Ogden Workforce Services Boiler Replacement
  • Redwood Road Workforce Services Chiller Replacement

Utah Department of Transportation (Support Facilities)

  • Price UDOT Maintenance Facility Heating Steam Line Replacement
  •  UDOT Rampton Complex MTF Radiant Heating System Replacement
  •  UDOT Rampton Building Air Handling Unit HVAC Upgrade
  •  UDOT Rampton MTF Compressor Replacement
  •  UDOT Rampton Boiler Stack Replacement
  •  UDOT Rampton Chiller System Replacement
  •  UDOT Rampton Chiller Addition

Utah Department of Public Safety

  • Orem Public Safety Building HVAC Improvements
  • Utah Highway Patrol Technology Support Building Roof-top HVAC Upgrade
  • Richfield DPS Dispatch Lease Center Tenant Finish

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

  • Magna Liquor Store Roof-top HVAC Upgrade
  • Cedar City ABC Store #18 Roof-top HVAC Upgrade
  • Brigham City Liquor Store Roof-top HVAC Upgrade

Other State Facility Experience

  • UCAT Judy Ann Buffmire Building Computer Room Cooling and Emergency Power
  • Tax Commission Computer Room Cooling Addition
  • Governor’s Mansion HVAC System Upgrade
  • Utah Board of Education Sewage System and Pump Renovation
  • Ogden Regional Center Booster Pump Replacement
  • Orem Regional Center Cooling System Renovation

Federal Government

  • Hill Air force Base Building 1215 HVAC Upgrade
  • Hill Air Force Base JP8 Controls Upgrade
  • Fort Carson Women’s Army Health Care Unit Renovation
  • Dugway Housing Units

National Guard

  • Utah National Guard Draper HQ Boiler System Replacement
  • Beaver National Guard Armory Renovation
  • Cedar City National Guard Armory Renovation
  • Spanish Fork National Guard Armory HVAC Renovation
  • Tooele National Guard Armory AHU and Boiler Upgrades
  • Utah National Guard Draper HQ Central Chiller Upgrades
  • Camp Williams Building 3030 HVAC Upgrade
  • Camp Williams Buildings 5080, 5100, 5050, 5070 Remodels